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How Thrive 10:10 came to be:

Early in it's inception, Ruth’s Boutique started as a small gathering for women who did not have adequate access to personal items.  Those involved in those early days grew fond of this monthly event as it helped women around the area find an immediate remedy for their various needs. As time went on, we were able to add in fun items that some women don't always get to "splurge" on and just make their day a bit brighter.  Our expansion included makeup, hair items, purses and scarves.  It's amazing what this does to the mood and esteem. We also offered bakery items and coffee for the women who would come in to lend to that "boutique" feel. 

We are proud to say that we have expanded the boutique to serve monthly and have also offered Pop-Up Boutiques to local organizations. These events have gained traction.  As a result of our growing program and the need that continues to reveal itself, we plan to branch out and expand to make an entity that has become Thrive 10:10.  Our intent is to share this service and build on other needs in the coming years. 


We like to think that we are bringing the neighbor back to the community: the neighbor that would go out of their way to lend you sugar, the neighbor that would go out of their way to house-sit, and the neighbor that would go out of their way to be a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen. Our plan is to be a path of light, in what seems to be such dark times.

Our goals for the future are the hopes to grow in our impact. We want to be a helping hand for a community that does not always see the help they deserve. While we already have immediate services in place, we pride ourselves in providing educational opportunities to empower families to move out of the endless cycles they are in and we will look to expand into these in the future through the launch of Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin' By World in 2023! 

We are so honored to serve the Mahoning Valley and we cannot wait to see how Thrive 10:10 and our neighbors move forward! 

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Thrive 10:10 Statement
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