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Thrive 10:10 exists to restore a sense of community in the Mahoning Valley by building relationships that connect residents to economic, social and educational opportunities. 

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Just Getting By Isn't Good Enough


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Thrive 10:10 is  achieving more with our initiatives than ever before.  Our pilot program Ruth's Boutique has existed in our Valley since 2019 and has a track record of serving well and creating relationships and opportunities for learning. 


Ruth's Boutique Lunch and Learn programs connect local residents with information and support during Boutique hours.

Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin' By World launched February 2023! This program gives tools to people living in poverty or at-risk situations.  These tools allow participants to focus on their strengths in order to improve their lives. 

Thrive 10:10 is in the business of changing and shaping lives. The work we do  is aimed at providing a holistic approach to meeting the needs of our neighbors so they are able to Thrive in their lives...not just survive.  

Our focus is relief, recovery and restoration through relationships and education.  You can partner with us by volunteering time or donating products, becoming a regular partner with monthly, scheduled giving and sharing who we are and what we do! 

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Help us meet the needs of the residents in the Mahoning Valley. 

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